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Monday, November 08, 2004

FiRsT WorKsHops MinOR Class

Guess what? For this subject [Hero's Value [heroic historical value] as a point to increase tourism interest], we were asked to watch one of those big-budget blockbuster trilogy movies: The Lord of The Rings. The purpose? We should see the difference of a hero who's from an ordinary people and a hero who's from...uh, like in fairy tales...overpowered I should say. What kind of aspects there that has made this trilogy successful. Too bad the lecturer gave us the first episode [I prefered the last one to others]. Anyway, the movie was just shown a few of its parts:

When Frodo discovered the existence and origin of the One Ring, and his leaving from Shire to Bree. Some values which could be taken from these scenes:
- Two companions instead of big, larger army to handle this case.
- Frodo didn't wanna leave the Shire n gave the Ring to Gandalf but the wizard refused it n told him that if he bore it he would be possessed by Sauron n would be a great disaster to the Middle-Earth. Moreover, the Ringwraiths had known the location of the Ring, so at anytime they would come to the Shire. So whether he wanted it or not, Frodo had to take it out from his village n keep it safe from tangan2 jahil..hehehehe... from this point on, we can see that the main character is just an ordinary individual, not hero-type, but he carries a heavy burden, an obligation for him to set up n escape from his village, although he doesn't want to.
- Frodo n Sam sneaked out from their village so that no one would know. This is a contrary to the scene of a [again] hero who will set out to have a journey to kill a dragon, for instance, with many people celebrating his leaving for good.

The Fellowship left Rivendell with the ringbearer in front, their journey through Caradhras and of course, Moria Gate.
- some contradictions happened within the Fellowship. It was Boromir, starting to have some evil thought to possess the Ring, but still plain.
- Gandalf who's afraid of entering Moria, n tried to persuade others to go through Caradhras instead of the Gate, but soon they couldn't go any further through the mountains, so the wizard needed to embrace himself to follow others entering the Gate. A personal intrigue of a high-profile hero.
- The fellowship has either outer n inner sides of problems. One, which is from the danger of Saruman and Sauron [frankly there are some quarrels between those two main villains as well], and one, which comes from inside the Fellowship itself [an elf finding it hard to cooperate with a dwarf, a general who desires the Ring so much, a ringbearer who doesn't even know whom to trust, etc].

Well, those points above are just a few examples of a thousand reasons why this movie has been so popular. Its story's unfolded being so close with what we see in the real life. It's not only a tale of a cliche or a dream world, but rather a complex history of a reflection of the real world. A hero who's not a hero. That is which has brought us, who watch the movie into its own world.

Actually I still have more subjects to discuss here, but later on then. Talking about Tolkien's work is endless, I'd say. GTG now, naar school gaan.


TimeTabLE for November 8-12 , Hondje!!!

'KeY, let's get it started!!!!

14.00-15.40 Workshops Minor, A.Grit, F0-04 [E.Commander'll be announcing new groups]

13.10-14.00 Stage Information, Guest, Bergwijkdreef Auditorium

10.40-12.20 Lectures Major, S.Whittaker, A1-23
12.20-13.10 Stage, Guest Docent, A1-20
14.50-16.30 Workshops Major, E.Commander, A1-23

09.50-11.30 Lectures Major, Weirder, D1-19
12.20-14.00 Tutor Project 2, HG Roes, B1-15
14.00-15.40 Tutor Project 2, HG ROes, X1-05

New Group Members:
- Pamela Mulder
- Gai Qijie
- Aldo Bruining
- Mark Verhaaf
- Maartje Steenhagen
- Esther Schoetz
- and of course, me

O yeah, don't forget to pay for the Period 1 group's budget: 17.50 Euro /member
It's not a busy week, is it? hmmm, comparing w/ other courses [I.T, anyone?]


Sunday, November 07, 2004

NaNda KoNo KoTo?!?!?!

What a quiet day this November 7 is, unlike yester years. I hated waiting til 00.00 am to celebrate my turn being 20, so read Two Towers n slept til got up at 5 [sahur...sahur!!!!!]. Nothing special at this time as well. Sahur spt biasa, then went upstairs n slept agaiiiiin!!!!

Woke up at 10, hmmmm....it's Sunday, yesterday I had to take care of that horribly hyperactive meisje named Tisa from 9 to 5. Wasted my time...no, U're not wasting ur time [hey, was 25 euros worth enough for 8 hours?????]. But boring jobs always bring satisfaction afterwards [like when I was a waiter in Tanjung n Taman Sari Restaurant n a worker [selling sate n dishwasher] at the Duinrell amusement park]. Hahahah...

Well, I knew that my leisure course pals were waiting at sixteen hundred in A'veen Centrum. So, showered at fifteen, n went there by Ti-Q's bike. Met 15 of them n had a drink together in Heineken Cafe [since my other pal had a B-day as well in 2 November], but hey...I was still fasting so just chatted with them. At sixteen forty-five I left n bought Apple cake in La Place [Good Lord, it's still open] n Burgers in McD, n boosted myself to get home ASAP!!!!!!

Hosokattakedo, still enough time. Heeeee....tsukareta nee, daga chotto tanoshikatta. So, makan kecil2an aja gitu gampangnya, n berhubung anak2 udah pada kenyang makan mie, jd burgernya mudah2an sahur, save the McNuggets [n save for UC yg lagi berbisnis ria dengan tante a la Wendy's].

Still, I felt something's wrong today. Usually it occurs some days before something terrible happens to my close friends or family. Last March-July for example. I felt so uneasy [hmmm...a bit heavier than usual, somehow] which made me hate everyone including my homemates [all of them, especially one]. And in April one of my Granmas passed away. Moreover, in June 20th I got a message that my aunt in Malang had passed away. Dakara, kyoo wa boku ga kono hen no kimochikara, chotto kowai. Hmmm, I hope everyone's ok [especially they who're in Indo, don't care bout here. hehehehe...kiddin'.

OK, enough. Btw, Lailatul Qadr kapan yaa? Mudah2an ane gak ngelewatin.