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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Nearly finished :D

OK, we finally made a sales video presentation. Marc as the main actor [or whatever], me as the supporting actor, Sully as the scriptwriter n director, Ama as the spectator n editor, n Hailong as the inventory supplier XD

The making's supposed to be at One but got delayed cuze we needed to find a room with more spaces than a small project room. There's one available at Three so we had to wait til then. Meanwhile I read the script...hehehehe, I only had a few lines. Didn't need to practise it. But Marc had at least two pages that he needed to memorize some of them. He was unprepared to do this stuff so we needed to take more shots than expected. Don't wanna put the script here since it's a bit long for a 5-minutes presentation. Only the main part, then.

Marc acted as an owner of a big event organizer company, but his new idea was not accepted and always got thrown away by his colleagues. He kept talking to himself about his Dubai Desert Formula One concept over n over again, til Adji came. This Adji's his pal n was concerned about Marc being stressed out. So they talked n talked, Marc spoke so enthusiastic while Adji tried to understand every bit of his words. Marc explained about the concept, the benefit of this event, the security aspect, the exciting moment etc [as this is the main content of this presentation]. All of those things were told n Marc was so sure that his idea would be perfect, which somehow made him space out, staring at the wall...dreaming about his idea being real. Adji kept yelling at him, tried to bring him back but useless. So he left his pal alone. After Adji's gone, Marc started to talk to himself again, said as if this concept was real n he'd gain much profits etc etc.......so late that he finally realized Adji's not there anymore. "Adji...Adji, where da hell r u? Adji!"
N the video ended.

Actually I was not too satisfied with this script since it's less appealing and not persuasive enough [if this is a sales presentation, what was the idea about getting our concept refused by public at the first time?]. But I hated to comment on Sully's script since I got tired n wanted to go home. As long as it's finished then fine. I did my part, n the rest would be Ama's job to edit the cut. OK then, go home, go home :D

1. Study Guidance Appointment with Jennifer on Thursday at A1-32 14.00 [bring ur PDP].
2. VAR Market Meeting.
3. Personal Process Report.
4. Spanish Language Assignment.
5. Leisure History n Connection assignments, Financial Management Exam.
6. Group Evaluation Meeting on Monday.
7. More to come...