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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Post-school project alternative [or more to fixed] activity:

KAL-ONLINE [click n download it!!]

It's Korean-made, a full 3D online RPG that's made each of us, Loggerons of 94, sick because of staying overnight for days. Turning on a computer for a night only for fishing or shop-opening, calling others by phone to meet at certain areas to party n beat the goddamn demons or assassins, having a list of equipments to know the base price n then manipulating at selling stuff, logging in to this game during placement works at the office, orrrr.... borrowing a school laptop to get the shit so noone can even dare disturbing [HUEHEHEHEHEHEH]. These matters are not only happening to one person [as u know who he is], but in fact more out there. Believe me, Loggerons of 94 are just a few of KAL's victims.


- freeeeee 3D MMORPG and needs less than 400 MB HD space
- the shops [player can make his own shop n manipulate the prices]
- beautiful artworks and character equipment designs
- huge worldmap, variety of demons
- interactivity between players [obvious for MMORPGs]
- lots to come in the future [keeping updated]

- a bit high computer requirements
- the missions are not strong enough [only finding certain items]
- monotonous BGM
- English grammatical errors
- lacks of jobs/classes [final version will solve this problem, tho]

- might beat Ragnarok VISUAL-WISE because of 3D graphics.
- more ads of this game might steal more public's attention.
- free!free!free!n the developer doesn't have any plan to
commercialize it.
- the artwork can stand on its own n beat other games'.

- some lags and errors have been found within this game n might prevent global users to start or continue playing.
- language stands as the main aspect of a game n therefore this game might take criticisms from public if it is not solved [even later at the final version].
- many great MMORPGs have taken their positions in public these days, n KAL with its version now finds huge difficulties to compete with them.

A leisure study, it is!!!! [analysing a game as a leisure subject to global customers]