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Monday, November 08, 2004

TimeTabLE for November 8-12 , Hondje!!!

'KeY, let's get it started!!!!

14.00-15.40 Workshops Minor, A.Grit, F0-04 [E.Commander'll be announcing new groups]

13.10-14.00 Stage Information, Guest, Bergwijkdreef Auditorium

10.40-12.20 Lectures Major, S.Whittaker, A1-23
12.20-13.10 Stage, Guest Docent, A1-20
14.50-16.30 Workshops Major, E.Commander, A1-23

09.50-11.30 Lectures Major, Weirder, D1-19
12.20-14.00 Tutor Project 2, HG Roes, B1-15
14.00-15.40 Tutor Project 2, HG ROes, X1-05

New Group Members:
- Pamela Mulder
- Gai Qijie
- Aldo Bruining
- Mark Verhaaf
- Maartje Steenhagen
- Esther Schoetz
- and of course, me

O yeah, don't forget to pay for the Period 1 group's budget: 17.50 Euro /member
It's not a busy week, is it? hmmm, comparing w/ other courses [I.T, anyone?]