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Sunday, December 12, 2004


TWO weeks before getting my ass kicked out from this beloved home [yet terrible eigenaar's wife]. Still searching for a new place to live, racing with time n other problems [period 2's final report, presentation, personal assignments n exams, ID permit, star ocean :P] n only one solution of solving them: BE COOL!!! heheheh, those are not that heavy after all, orang indo bilank ecek2 [not esek2, that's a different matter]. Why? Cuze u're not doing it by ur own::

FriendS have the same n even greater problems too, n to deal with those problems, co-op is the best way, IMHO. We've been staying together under one roof for about a year or more. We started it together, so we finished it in the same way: TOGETHER.

........Dunno yet what'll come afterwards, just do our besT.........

Next friday that beak-faced old witch [hehehehehehehe] will come at ONE n settle things with us. n One Day before that, ORGANISATIONAL PLAN [along with RECOMMENDATIONS n INDIVIDUAL COMPANY ANALYSIS] SHOULD BE FINISHED!!! MAJOR EXAMS n MINOR ASSIGNMENTS AS WELL!!! hahah...ecek-ecek.... ;D

LaMbrEttA, SaRdJoe, who's next? Logging in for a year, then logging out again... no permanent folder, i suppose. 'Key, Ansala's [with Philosopher's Stone] waiting to be recruited, jaaa...so long for now!!!