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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


o'ow, situasi gawat darurat!!!diharapkan kembali normal dalam waktu dekat!!!o'ow!!!

Steven...my Vircon GRADES, plz!!!!!!
Specializations Assignments [make sure u pass them all]!!!

Hari kemis!!!
ke Liesbeth, ABN, acceptgiro, min. akhir bulan kelar!!!
Parttime hr Kemis lageh [jgn lupa dokumen2mu]!!!

ke Liesbeth juga, IND de el el [tau lah]

wake up!!!wake up!! do something!!! heheh...
should be fine, rite??rite??
OK, it's time!


Sunday, June 20, 2004

MiNggU SiBoEk Or GaRiEnK??

Hmmm...9 days without any updates. So what? Situation here didn't support me to blogging. Once a week's enough, did i say that? heheheheeh...[namanya juga orang mood2an, beginilah jadinya]

Many times i've blown off steam, just to make everything worse. Yeah, it's all about that 'one'. N til now, still in unstable condition.


School matters?
hmm, everything's fine. Final presentation's just finished last thursday. Group evaluation will due on next week. RESITS on July 7. [working on a project that was supposed to be done with 4-5 people//but only 3 people actually, was indeed exhausting].

Individual parts::
- End-Report Compiling n Editing
- Computer-Mediated Communication Specialization
- Interim Report, including Questionnaire Data Results, SWOT analysis, GAP analysis etc
- Group File Compiling n Editing
- Power Point [which 'd never been published --miscommunication, really--]
- etc [not worth typing here]

I only wish i could pass this project. Please, give a mercy for these 3 pathetic human beings....:P

PRLs n CSCs?

- 4 Specializations Assignments
- Oral Comm Result
- Pers. Development
- Placement Training [how could i get this ECTS?]
- Coaching Hours [digital portfolio]
- Vircon [ask Steven about ur grade for 2nd phase]

Settle up all above after that 'one' problem. OK?
The deadline is due on Thursday, 24th of June 2004.
hm hm hm...
Keep tracks with ur agenda, ur dead-or-alive source.
Hoping for better tomorrow.