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Monday, September 27, 2004

miCu terus GeMek!!

Just as promised, there would be a report for this GVB-strikes-day. So typical, isn't it? It's a mid-day report though, not the whole day [I've decided to report it now, otherwise there'd be some missing spots if I forgot].

So...stopped reading several pages of Mithrandir-went-to-Fangorn-Forest at 11.30 [gosh, only 30 minutes reading that book, but why couldn't my eyes hold it? This is a RIDICULOUSLY PATHETIC DOWNGRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!] n decided to stroll my hands drawing manga stuff as usual. Hmmmm...what kind of human class that's unusual? An Aqualith? Orrr.... a Calculator, just like in Final Fantasy Tactics [a complicated yet simple class [?]]. That type weares robe, rite? Figured it like a Geek-type. Or Fratgirl. Yeah...but I'd make her look stronger. The strongest geek ever. heheh...
[a little secret:if i hear a word 'geek', the image always...not always, but sometimes...goes down to IT staff. Sometimes to Inholland students, mind you...save for they staying together with me. No geek at Westwijk [FYI]!!!!]
After drawing some, my head got heavier, sleep status struck my whole body n 'Zzzz...' letter popped outta my head. Sleeping time from 2 til 6 am.

Heard a noise...UC's voice there [if I didn't hear that annoying voice, I'd have slept til 9!!! So, thanx anyway] n so started reading Orthanc's book once more for a few pages. Upiek was still showering herself intimately [hiiiiiiiiiiiiy, why did i know??], three stooges were chatting with unknown topics etc. Nothing interesting til more or less 8.15 got out n started going to Schiphol by walking.
~No train station near to my neighbourhood, n today's a strike day [No bus, metro, tram for one day in Amsterdam]~

We walked [sometimes there was no space for loper like us], chatted, saw a fat black pig at the farming site, joked about GeMek [OMG], ate fried noodles made n brought exclusively for this 2.5-hours-pilgrimage, stretched our feet at the 'Leuke Zuidtangent-Haalte', etc etc etc til finally we found that there was no other way to go through besides by Sternet [yeah, it's not possible walking through that tunnel].

Schiphol Plaza, 10.30 ~wanted to buy a ticket but alas unable to purchase [why has the transfer not been into my account? weirdo] so hide-n-seek with NS. heheh...

Problems arose. It's 11. I thought I would be late for this important meeting at 11.30. Gosh, LATE FOR THE MEEEETINGG!!!!!! Late for a class is not a big deal, but group meeting..!!! Dunno, I feel worse if I missed the group meeting than a lecture class. It's like throwing 1 point out of our reliability for the group. Bad, this is BAAD!!! They understood, of course...but still, my purpose of going to school was for this meeting, nothing else. N i was late, late, late, LATE!!!!!!! BECAUSE OF THIS REALLY F****N' STRIKE, EVERYONE WHO DOESN't OWN CARS or BIKES WOULD BE MESSED UP!!!

Goddamn this f****n' country!!!!! You wanted us suffering again?!?!?!

How fortunate! The group members who appeared at the meeting were only 3, excluding me. That's why the meeting got postponed for tomorrow [13.15]. Good Lord, thanx so much! This was a messed-up day...

Chaotic Empires: Advancing to a higher level n gold, it's intermediate though.

Don't care about what'll happen tonight.