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Monday, March 07, 2005

Another Useless School Day

Siaul, hari jumat ke kampus buat nyewa laptop for weekend [for a specific reason :P], n gua udah reserve hari kemis sebelumnya buat yakin dapet, eeh tau2 orang kampus bilank reserve gua dibatalin karena hr septu bakal ada Open Dag. Udah jauh2 dateng ke skul nyampe beku cuma buat dapet jawaban:

"We're sorry cuze my colleague didn't know that there'd be an Open Hour on Saturday n she reserved one for you...Actually all of the laptops will be used during that day so no one can rent them this time."

So, what's the point on me coming to school? Yaa gua tanya aja kok gak ditelpon biar gak nguras waktu orang sia2. Eh dia bilank maaf, maaf.....n that's another shit.

I'd have better slept in da house recovering health n mana to gain a perfect consciousness than being here. Fuhh...nvm then.

Another day, which is today, was supposed to be a meeting day for us. Tiga orang dateng [gua,Hailong n Yolanda] except another three. Jadi nunggu, nunggu n nunggu til half an hour but noone showed his ass. Gua gak ada urusan buat diomongin, krn meeting ini sebenernya buat diskusiin contribusi Yolanda for the group [dia gak berperan penting dalam grup, kurang tanggung jawab katanya]. Yolanda dateng, eh para boss [my group has 2 leaders] malah gak dateng. Ya udah, mending gua meeting sama Hailong buat bicarain CRM-strategy. All 13-steps were covered, the advisory report would be done by the 2 of us due on Thu. CRM thingy is one hell easy.

K, so now Im sitting in fronta da school pc n after writing this shit, will be going home.

O yeah, this week's supposed to be Ardennes trip for Leisure students, to Belgium. It's expensive n such a useless trip n therefore I have time to finish CRM ass n product plan in no time. Hey, a lot of studs dont go to Ardennes as well, NICE....XD