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Sunday, November 25, 2007

holy crap

Hahah, been 3 years already. Almost completely forgot that this blog ever existed..... took me a good hour to figure out the damn weird username. But then luckily google account could be used to login. Pheww.... It's just fun to read through the old archives from years ago. N those old pics... :D

Not that life is less n less interesting, it's just pure laziness.

To sum it all up...


Only doing part-time jobs, which has been fortunate, especially when there are Pasar Malam (PM) or some night events. This year there was about one PM per month (actually more, but Sunda Kelapa (SK), the restaurant where I work at doesn't wanna participate more than once a month). Every PM has 4 full days of work (Thu-Sun). Full, i mean...full.

Oh by the freakin way, here's how we do PM's generally....

On Thu, u come to SK at around 12 pm to go get the stuff needed to build ur tent in PM, load them all in ur boss' minivan. It might take like 2 hours to get the stuff, load them n have lunch a bit :D . And then u leave SK with ur boss (usually 5 people), try to get to PM location asap (which sometimes can take u 3 hours, since every PM is located in different towns). There u build ur tent, set the electricity n some big heavy stuff, decorate, set the lights, dine, pee, poo etc. Finish at 8 pm (if u work with smart-ass fellas) or 10 pm (if u only get stupid orcs to work with). Then get home.

On Fri, u come to SK at 8.30 am, help the cooking for PM, prepare n pack the food, recheck, load them all in minivan (lots) n leave at 11.00 am. Arrive at PM (let's say 14.00 pm, which is too late since PM starts on Fri at 13.00 pm), unload the food, place to the serving trays, recheck all stuff, decorate, n get ready for the real work. One cashier, two people for preparing the food (nyekep), one person for warming the food and doing the final touch of each plate, one person as waiter. U do one of those til 11 pm. Clean ur tent, get rid of all the remaining food, load them all in van n go home. U arrive at SK at 2 am, unload all dirty stuff as fast as u can n go home (ur boss drives u home). I guarantee u smell like shit so dun forget to take shower n stuff n go sleep. Usually at 3 am u snore already.

On Sat, u wake up at 7 am, ready ur ass to go to SK...arrive at 8.30 am n do the same stuff as yesterday. Note that today has always been the busiest day, so more food to load. N during ur work, if it gets crowded dun ever look at the line of customers since it will paralyse u (somehow) n knock ur head off u won't be able to know what to do. Dinner time will be twice harder for u to think, especially if u're the one who makes/prepares the food. Expect to see some receipts of weird orders, e.g. 'one plate of one-third white rice, one-third fried rice, one-third bakmi, with rendang no semur, a half balinese egg, 2 stokjes chicken satays one with sauce n one is without (what the hell, it's in one plate u m**********r), a bit of sambal goreng buncis, no serundeng but lotsa acar n lots of lodeh n lotsa kuah soto.' It's not hard, but considering how u must read through the receipt n check each one while behind u there are still hundreds of receipts waiting to be made O.o u're gonna wish if people could be like u; order the damn simple NGRS (nasi goreng rames) or BGRS (bakmi rames) or even just buy krupuk n get the hell out. Anyway, once u finish u're gonna feel like u're in heaven...for a few seconds, then clean the stuff n do the yesterday's routine.

Sunday, last day (yuppiee)...dun get excited, today can be as asskicking as on Sat, or even worse. U do the daily routine, but faster, since PM today starts at 12 pm. Get to the PM, start working....at 2 pm more n more customers come, at 4 pm u see a similar view like yesterday, n the stupid receipts with stupid orders. The good thing is, today PM only opens til 8 pm. So, less hours of hell. The bad thing is, u do the yesterday's routine along with getting rid of ur tent n load all the stuff in the minivan. All the stuff including the reserved food, big n heavy stuff, all the............stuff. Use every inch of the space behind ur boss' minivan, nothing left, til there's no air, til even a fly can't get in. whatever... Let's see......we usually finish at 11 pm. Arrive at SK at 1 am. Unload allll the stuff. Place the tent stuff to the storage, food stuff to the kitchen etc. Finish at 2 am. N at that time, u take a deep breath n feel the wonder of life. U get the money n ur boss will take u home, chitchat a bit, cekaka cekiki. U arrive in front of ur room at 3 am. Open the door, turn on the light, n look at ur sleeping friends to see some peaceful faces :P n finally look at ur PS 2. Turn it on n be with it til u get sleepy n finally in slumber. N next day u just look at ur wallet, be happy n realize the stink of ur ass. Holy crap, me no shower yet!

Well, that's what we mostly do during such events like PM. Since i got more free time I could work my ass more. Per PM usually gets me 250-350 euro for 4 workdays. Also doing other part-time jobs so it's enough. Next year I'll get to manage SK so hopefully things will be better (financially ^^ ) and can return to get focused on my study.