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Friday, May 28, 2004

IT's FrIdAy...//borne stepping feet here//in SCHOOL?!?!?!?!

one reason to add: get online for a full day!!!
OK, say that again, respecting life regarding school works and so...well, has been happening since last year. Though it's irritating as ever, but w.c.y.d?? Instead of blubbering [useless], why don't u go to school?

After all, staying in school today's not a bad one. It's rather amusing i must say [few students here//easier to find a pc]. Hey, where else can u get OL without anyone interfering [u mean, w/o childish n annoying noises, stupid jokes etc?hmmm]?
Hahahah, a bit tempted, rn't u now?
wtf, don't care about it!!

OK OK, let's see [sleepy]:
Yesterday called ENECO for the fifth times til my beltegoed got sucked enough [10 cent per minuut? nope, it's 4 euro p.m!!!!] n waited for anyone from that company to come over.
Other evently event? niet zo belangrijk!!

Today, just wanna pleasure my eyes::heh?!?!?!what do u mean?!?!?!?!::
It concerns to two things::Tolkien's und The Third Place!!!! YeaH, u BET!!!

--2nd JUNE 2004, 9am--
--am i right, guys?!--

hmmmm, wanna fill up my stomie, BANAAAAAAAAAANTJE!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

FaMiLy PiC //lamaaaa~ sekale//

taun 1996 dulu, still in a beloved town, Semarank [pokoke kalo pulank ke indo hrs mampir]. Kalkulasi keadaan penampilan//SD, SMP, SMA, INHOLLAND...//EiGHT Years//WHO CARES?? life goes on, rite?
front: Dad n Mom
Back [from left]: Bang Echa, Eggy, Amam [me]


Photographic RePort ::Last Year::

When was it again? hmmm...after all, it was the 2nd time in Jaap Eden. A few weeks later after the official cultural student tour. It's slippe...wha'?! ouch!!!!! [slippery indeed]
from leFT: UC, HarYo, Me



Banana//Bananier Nain//Canbur//Curro//Plantain//PISANK!!!


"Containing three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose - combined with fiber; a banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy."
Lula Vecchi

This kinda fruit can help in cases of anemia, blood pressure, brain power, constipation, depression, hangovers, heart-burn, morning sickness, mosquito bites, nerves, PMS, ulcers, temperature control, seasonal affective disorder, smoking, stress, strokes, warts, etc!!!

further info about it? find out yourself, or ask melati aka meltje van kinkelstraat...heheheheh..

::Tasting one of sweet tropical fruits this morning::
It was great, really. Though having a cough [yet not so bad], i didn't care. INstead, my throat felt better just short while after swallowing one.
A recommendation for anti-banana members like some of you here...heheh.

~Struggling for a better life here, so don't bother about this post~

O yeah, plain minutes of the day ::til 19.00::
7.30~7.59//woke up n checked celphone
8.00~10.29//slept again XD
10.30//wakey-wakey...2nd time
10.30~15.29//concerning daily activities n school assignments
15.30~15.59//took once-a-day bath
16.00~17.29//read viscom book, masscom [DL: 9th June 2004]n lotr appendices
17.30~now//YEAH!!!!!! [hm?]

siddi ~ko telpon itu casema!!
dua ~kirim ko punya foto na mamak minta, lewa'ki aga je'e??
tiga ~ko telpon juga ko punya bapak na? nenek juga pi!
pa' ~laporan2mu smuanya ko seleseikan [da' tau me ka apa heheheh]


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Kinõ wa atsui to SUNSHINE datta...kyõ to onaji janai!!!

Bingung daku, maunya musim panas tapi kok ya masih dingin2 aja? Udah gitu tiap jam kondisi cuaca bisa berubah drastis. Kemaren untung gak pake baju tebel, soale panas n silau. Hr ini...dingin n mendung, tapi gak tau lagi kalo ntar berubah jd panas juga.
Mesti bawa baju ganti [malese pak!!!]

::Sehari menjelang deadline [yg dipercepat tanpa alesan pasti //IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE 9TH OF JUNE!!!!!!WHY?!?!?!?!?!//]::

Nyampe di skul menjelang duhur [itu berarti satu kelas tertinggal//pusink neh, jadi istirahat aja], cari kompu di D1, E2, A2, Y2, Z1 etc but occupied, all of them!!!
Ya wes, makan duluuu [beefburger albron yg eneg]!!!!! baca2 dikit soal assignments besok. Dori dateng, trus cari kompu lagi sama2, akhirnya dapet di d1 [yes!].

Setelah urusan dengan Lambretta~rasanya jadi gak niat ngapa2in~ [Don'T!!]
So, GoinG HomE//PlanneD//at FiftEEn.
Berarti 50 menit lage! [ngerjain tugas di rumah]

ein ~kerjain CMC n Corporate
zwei ~telp Casema
drie ~D.D.R!!!!!YEAH



Monday, May 24, 2004

MuLaI maLezz NgiSi PosT

I did plan on publishing at least one post each day. First two days were fine...the third day wasn't that way...next days:::hmm...how about, only by sending pictures//enough, rite??
heheh, what am i supposed to write then?
a minutes, then.

OK, let's see::important events:::
On thursday, i planned to go to sir lambretta regarding our old business. Supposedly, i went together w/ haryo [a tax bill sent to his account]. But he's not in home [only ammar n football-freaky friends o'his], so i checked lambretta's empire alone. Noone there, was it because of ascention day? It sure was, u dumb-ass. How could he open his door today?!?!?! well, í was just rolling on my luck...so i called haryo, told him to set another day [day after tomorrow, then] before going home.

Saturday::forgot too [or not keen on typing]
Sunday::hmmm, important events:::
Started to feel unwell [a virus from someone], played DDR n FF X-2 [100% cleared, got bonuses//Tidus showing up in Besaid Island after the usual until-the-day-we-meet-again ending, Celsius arrived with Yuna [unnatural looking smile]//they finally met each other, n u know the rest [live happily ever after]
wait...another event, showing up Zanarkand Ruins with the two lovers//blubbering//then Yunie pushed Tidus at the edge of the//hill??//then he fell on water//LAUGHING.
"IT ALL BEGAN WHEN I SAW THIS SPHERE OF YOU" ~The End~ hmm, so-so, wasn't it?

GaMMo RepoRT::drakengard [stupid hack'n slash game]::pokemon colloseum [nice graphic, but not spectacular]::others??not so interested.

SUNDAY night::
had a dinner, watched some kinda movies [nothing cool], then went sleeping:::boring night??nope, i was just glad that i could sleep well [this someone's virus's still stalking inside my head>>>dizzy]

Monday, NOW:: not so important, later then!!