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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

At the end of the day...

...our group finished all of them. 'THEM' refers to the Group Product Plan, Research Report, CRM 13 Strategic Steps, Process Report n Logbook with shits. Only one and has been the same problem all over these years: Copycentrum. Dont wanna talk craps about it, cuze we've got tired of it. Also the tutor and the consultant were both unavailable at their offices today, meaning our reports would not even be read for this week [if they do not show up on tuesday, they would usually not show up for a whole week...that's the typical thing for us, ILM students :P].

Nine o'clock in the morning was an exam about CRM that we have done. It had 4 questions and each of them needed at least half of an A4-paper answer. Not that difficult, since CRM was my thingy and Hailong's [and i bet the other group members had somehow found some of the questions hard :P].

Meeting was held after the exam. Yolanda didn't even -for once more- call that she was sick, which would be hard for her cuze we almost decided to kick her out. She still didn't contribute to the group much [as Hailong most of the time did her part] n this would be very very very very hard to keep her in our group. I hope she realize this before having tomorrow's meeting... I dunno, by calling Ama or Marc about her absence today instead of sending message to Hailong very late :(

O yeah, last night we had a very good time fighting together. It's been a long time not doing this:
- Elvin with her Lei Fang
- UC with his Ein
- AJ with his Kasumi
- Haryo with his Helena
- Beni with his Bayman
And two more guests:
- Onii-chan with his Ayane
- Ti-Q with MY Kasumi :(

N guess the strange circle of death between us was still rolling on, tho now it changed. Lei Fang's more powerful while Kasumi's weaker XD, spent half an hour only to beat the goddamn Ninja couples in a tag battle etc. But anyway, it's so exciting as ever, hehehehehehe....

I beat Haryo's Femme Fatale!!!! This fatal couple [Storm, Rogue and Psylocke] used to finish my chars in no time. But now I have also my own couple: Homicide Hombres [Magneto, SpiderMan, Hayato]. It's not easy to fight Fatale, but at least I won once XD and either way, I still got my ass kicked by him a couple o times...X.X

Nice days guys!!!^^

Agenda for Wednesday:
Exam for Leisure Trends at 9 in D111, 80 Y/N Questions.
Meeting for the video presentation after that n about Yolanda.
Individual Process Report.
--dunno what to put more--

Ok, see tomorrow!