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Friday, November 05, 2004

Jenseits von Gut und Böse

Gak berhubungan sih sama judulnya, isenk aja.
DPR pecah??!?!?!?! gile, kampunk banget sih, sampe ada kubu kebangsaan n kerakyatan gitu!!!Kaget ane sampek...rada telat yah, maklum, anak Amstelveen, sumber berita tanah air yaaa kalo gak Kompas Online, Republika Online de el el. CNN udah capek nyiarin berita gak mutu kayak gini. Malu2in negeri ane aja. DPR emang terlihat masih memegang tampuk legislatif, tapi haknya n BUKAN kewajibannya.

Bahkan pas ada pihak individu dari salah satu fraksi DPR yg ngeluarin interpelasi ke Presiden bbrp waktu lalu, alesannya dia simple bilank: "Asik2 aja..." which was totally DULL!!!! Apa gak bisa kasih komen yg sedikiiiit intelijen, or at least...at least apa ya?? hmmm... wes, pokoke bego, gitu [heheh]

Mensesneg sampe bilank soal larangan berhubungan sama DPR atas menteri2 negara. Status DPR yg sama sekali kacau...gimana status negara yg diwakili? Ane mah cuma berharap rupiah bisa menguat supaya mengembalikan kejayaan ane di masa lalu [lah...apa pula ini?????] heheuheuheuheuhe...cheers yah!!!


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Disgaea PAL Version's Personal Overview

Laharl standing as the next Netherworld Overlord
Type: Strategy RPG
Released in Europe: May 2004
Story: 7
Laharl, an Overlord's son who never gets cold altho he doesn't wear shirt but is weak against big-tits mamas [OMG], wanna overrule the Netherworld but later got pissed off by interferences from Angel world n Human world, has a subordinate who loves his late dad, a cute angel trainee who was actually sent to kill this brat [i mean..Laharl] but later joins him, and so on and on [u know how Japanese story's like]. Well, the story is filled with a sense of humour. Inside, u'll find power rangers, penguin soldiers, a dragon who confesses that IT is a female, a comic story at each beginning of chapters but doesn't connect to the main story [laughable, tho] etc. really, don't get this game seriously if it's about the story, which is why I put 7 on it. But I like n enjoy it!!!
Graphics: 7
What can u say about FF Tactics for PSOne's visual several years ago? It's lovely, in its own time. Not now! The characters are drawn in 2-D while the envy is in 3-D but cannot be rotated as much as we want. The spell effects are not bad but a bit old for next-gen visual enhancement. Some of the skills are visualized over-the-top which pleasure our eyes. The battle field is rich with colors, especially when u open the secret arenas. One thing is for sure: The pixelization!!! It's not so good for this game. I dunno if it's because of PAL version or not, but really, the graphics will get us bored so soon. The artworks are, nonetheless, outstanding!
Sound: 6
No Japanese Language for PAL version!!!! whadda?!?!?!?! Some voices by US talents are terrible [when Laharl laughs, more like his throat is chopped by an axe or something...]. Sound effects....hmmmm, not that bad but not so special. It's a classic type of game, what's up with that anyway?
Gameplay: 9
This is what makes this game stand on the top 3 of my most favourite collection. Even since June I bought it, this is still one game that I've been playing most of the time [even if there's Burnout 3 or SSX 3 or Shadow Hearts]. U'll find the craziest strategy in this game. For instance: U can lift 9 comrades of yours on top of each other [imagine a tower of warriors] n then throw them to reach the unreachable place at the battle arena. Orr...u bribe the counsel in this game to make the enemies stronger or weaker, n if u fail on bribing, u can kill them if u want [if ur strong enough to beat the counsel]. Orrr... u lift one enemy n throw him to the other enemy n they will combine to be a harder enemy [bigger EXP!!]. Orrr.... u combine your comrades attack to surround and deal a higher damage to single enemy [up to 4 comrades for a special combo]. Orrr... raise your characters into 9999 levels n then transmigrate them over n over again to be the dream team [in this game, i can feel it reallllll]. Orrr.... bring 9 penguins n set them on a field, then throw one of them next to each other. They will explode n if there's the enemy near to them, he will suffer a high damage if ur penguins are strong. Orrr...heheheh, so much to tell you here, but no! Find it urself!!!
Replay Value: 10
The unlimited item world [each item, even the ugliest one, has a world inside it, it can be 30, 60 or 100 levels, regarding to its rarity] to level up ur item or to obtain legendary weapons n armors.
Different endings [even the secret Human World has its own ending [which will surely ends your game, instead of finishing the main story].
Characters levelling, different difficulties [if u request the counsel] etc etc. I give it an absolute 10!!!!!
Accomplishments [will take hundreds of hours]:
Must get all legendary ultimate weapons n armors for each characters, all characters at level 9999, obtain all monster n human classes as well as hidden characters, obtain all endings, pass all requests at the counsel for each character [more counters n movements], beat all the secret bosses at the strongest enemy request from the counsel by each character.