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Sunday, November 07, 2004

NaNda KoNo KoTo?!?!?!

What a quiet day this November 7 is, unlike yester years. I hated waiting til 00.00 am to celebrate my turn being 20, so read Two Towers n slept til got up at 5 [sahur...sahur!!!!!]. Nothing special at this time as well. Sahur spt biasa, then went upstairs n slept agaiiiiin!!!!

Woke up at 10, hmmmm....it's Sunday, yesterday I had to take care of that horribly hyperactive meisje named Tisa from 9 to 5. Wasted my time...no, U're not wasting ur time [hey, was 25 euros worth enough for 8 hours?????]. But boring jobs always bring satisfaction afterwards [like when I was a waiter in Tanjung n Taman Sari Restaurant n a worker [selling sate n dishwasher] at the Duinrell amusement park]. Hahahah...

Well, I knew that my leisure course pals were waiting at sixteen hundred in A'veen Centrum. So, showered at fifteen, n went there by Ti-Q's bike. Met 15 of them n had a drink together in Heineken Cafe [since my other pal had a B-day as well in 2 November], but hey...I was still fasting so just chatted with them. At sixteen forty-five I left n bought Apple cake in La Place [Good Lord, it's still open] n Burgers in McD, n boosted myself to get home ASAP!!!!!!

Hosokattakedo, still enough time. Heeeee....tsukareta nee, daga chotto tanoshikatta. So, makan kecil2an aja gitu gampangnya, n berhubung anak2 udah pada kenyang makan mie, jd burgernya mudah2an sahur, save the McNuggets [n save for UC yg lagi berbisnis ria dengan tante a la Wendy's].

Still, I felt something's wrong today. Usually it occurs some days before something terrible happens to my close friends or family. Last March-July for example. I felt so uneasy [hmmm...a bit heavier than usual, somehow] which made me hate everyone including my homemates [all of them, especially one]. And in April one of my Granmas passed away. Moreover, in June 20th I got a message that my aunt in Malang had passed away. Dakara, kyoo wa boku ga kono hen no kimochikara, chotto kowai. Hmmm, I hope everyone's ok [especially they who're in Indo, don't care bout here. hehehehe...kiddin'.

OK, enough. Btw, Lailatul Qadr kapan yaa? Mudah2an ane gak ngelewatin.