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Thursday, November 25, 2004

IseNk PiCS ..::Porsche Boxster S::..

A Boxster S from one of my most favourite brands: Porsche. Hope it's there in the next Porsche Unleashed of NFS (next year, perhaps?) Wanna see more? Click here!


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

2004 MTV EurOpEaN MusIc AwArdS WinnerZ

(at least, that's what I heard from Xzibit all the time)

Best Group: OutKast

Best Male: Usher
presented by Naomi Campbell

Best Female: Britney Spears
presented by Natasha Bedingfield n Linkin Park

Best UK n Ireland Act: Muse

Best New Act: Maroon 5
presented by Duran Duran

Best Alternative: Muse
presented by Brian Molko and Amy Lee from Evanescence

Best Album: Usher 'Confessions'
presented by Kylie Minogue

Best Rock: Linkin Park
presented by Paulo Di Canio

Best R n B: Alicia Keys
presented by Jamelia and N.E.R.D.

Best Pop: Black Eyed Peas
presented by Brian McFadden, Nick Carter n A-J

Best Song: OutKast 'Hey Ya'
presented by Sarah Michelle Gellar n that kinda funky opera singer

Best Hip-hop: D12

Best Video: OutKast 'Hey Ya'

Best Italian Act: Tizziano Ferro

Best Belgium n Dutch Act: Kane [I knew it]
presented by Barbara [MTV NL VJ]

What else, huh? O yeah, crap that Britney!!!!!!

FYI, if you wanna know the official websites of all the winners, just click their names