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Monday, February 14, 2005

"I'm DaTiNg wiTh My BF fOr a WhOLe Day...

....so can't give a shit about our group!!!!!"

At least that's what I've heard about one of our group members. She didn't attend the meeting today, no news unless we called her n asked... then we're pissed off. Well, she's the leader [Marc's the co-leader...or is it reversed???] n by doing this showed that she's...u know, unreliable. Hmmm, i wonder about her saying a few days ago that all of us need to be serious at school's tasks, while now she's hanging her butts around with her so-called BF rejoicing one day full of vague words such as love, love and love [that's one word].

It's Valentine, but we disapprove her reason. Hello, the meeting's just a few minutes, though Taco kept trying to underpressure us but it's no big deal. We only need everyone's presence. Enough.

Valentine, huh? I always do remember this kinda pop-culture day, since tomorrow will be eMGee's b-day. Heheheh:

A NiCE BirthDAY for U tOmorRow, my DeAr eMGee! [now who's older?heheheheh]

Also, it reminds me having a nice +cheap+ dinner with my goddamn high school mates. Valentine's not only for couples n lovers, right? But also for pals who love each other [YAIXXX!!!!uuggghhhh...puke]

Heh, anyway, now i'm trying to reflect all of those past memories with recent ones here:

THREE YEARS AGO, we still gave chocolate or flowers to girls that we liked [I did ;) ], or invited them for dinner [student budget-wise, it might often be at McDONALDS, or KFC, or GAMMA FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!], watched movies at humiliatingly cheap 21 theaters n did some [xxx] stuff with girls that would be absolutely censored here [relax, Amam is so cute that he did not n would never ever do those disgusting thingies :) Why do I know? Hey, get ur lazy ass out there n read some local newspapers!!!!].

NOWADAYS, based on myself n other housepals:
Sitting in front of own PC for a whole day after 5 hours break [sleeping] doing online games, working at the offices to get internships done, meeting at school n researching Dubai's project to build an F-1 circuit there, doing part-time jobs, cooking n cleaning the apartment, n writing a blog :P.

Well, i guess the difference now is that Valentine's Valentine as written in my calendar n has nothing to do with my life here. We might have thought that today's that special for showing our love more...itu duluuuuuuuuuuuuu.... sekarang... no waste on thinking to keep it special as long as we give our love equally, everyday n everywhere we want.

Life keeps moving, n if u wanna spend this lovable day by throwing away something more important [such as project group XD hehehehe], u will end up being hated by your school mates [from my point of view of recent personal circumstance... unreliable, huh?]

Bleh, who cares.