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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

BeTTer thAn eVer

Got mail from Jaap [business lecturer] that I don't need to attend his class cuze I've passed the test. So, I'm not one of those losers...hehehehe. Thus I got more time for group n myself on Monday.

Question for the group's concern:
can i handle the end-bidbook n powerpoint [also as a speaker in a major part] for presentation, plz?

Questions for individual's concern:
will i be able to take care of these problems n solve them on my own?
[HEY, this is a question for a newbie unlike you!!!! you should have other n better questions!!!!]

free transport
metro 53 from diemen-zuid to gaasperplaas; then take metro 50 to Zuid-WTC; take 51 afterwards, to Sacharovlaan. geen strippenkaaaaaaaartjes!!!! only 45 minutes [excluding walking to the stations].

o yeah, how's the pilpres going in Indo? gotta check kompas-online!!!


Monday, September 20, 2004

AmUsiNg or ...???

MinuTes of SchOOL today:
Met my group members, two of them are from China, four are from NL, one from ... uhm, Belgie??? forgot, sorry.
Asked everything about the progress that the group has made and they actually have done almost everything. This is the fourth week, so we need to take into action of what we have planned in the document. Still confusing, though...two members would be contacting the counsellor tomorrow, two would be contacting the city counsel, and what else?
The group has already had a website that makes us easy to contact and see the products each other; what we need is just upload a file that we've made or download others' files.
The theme of our event in Bijlmer will be "Kwakoe" [it's Surinaamse event], filled with rap battles, stand-up comedy acts, dance battles, beat boxing and live band performances.
My task is to contact n book musicians [together with Amarantha n Teun] though don't have any ideas on how to do that yet...heheh...[this is still a plan, don't need to contact them if this plan is still not approved by the client, right?]. We'll meet again tomorrow at 12.30 at the leisure lobby. Tonight: check whether Amarantha has sent u info about the musicians. Thursday meeting will be at eleven!!!!
skip the first hour of business class for taking the test. Dunno how the result would be. At the second hour, a T/F questions were passed on to the students, u know, about the equilibrium price, the effects of supply, demands etc... it's easy, really.
found a computer n tried to get any info about this project. I wanna buy the project booook!!! [forgot to bring the wereldpas, shit!!]

one problem solved, thousand problems arise...


Home Project

Westwijk PROJECTs:
19th-20th of September 2004

Finishing the Endless Mode of Dancing Stage Fever. [failed]
Started: 4.30 pm
[UPIEK] failed at certain songs: Look to the Sky, Do It Right etc at Difficult Level.
[ELVIN] failed at certain songs: Do It Right, Jungle Mix etc at Difficult Level.
[AMAMO] failed at certain songs: Overblast, Paranoia Evo etc at Diff. n Expert Level.
Betulnya sih banyak banget lagu yg kita kira bisa taunya failed [banyak juga kok yg succeeded], but that's internal.
Finished: 7.30 pm.

Performing Singstar Songs in Indonesian. [kinda succeeded]
Started: 7.30 pm
[unprepared] --jangan dianggap serius--
Livin'la vida loca [hidup kayak orang gila]
KungFu Fighting [Bertarung KungFu]
Like a Virgin [kayak perawan]
Round Round [puter-puter]
One Love [satu cinta]
Ace of Spades [As sekop]
Murder on the Dance Floor [pembunuhan di lantai dansa]
[prepared] --sampe ditulis di notepad--
Thank You [terima kasih] nya Dido
Dengan segala pemaksaan translasi yg akhirnya malah gak nyambung sama sekali, karena ketekunan n keseriusan kita bersama segalanya berlangsung dengan lancar n khidmat.
Finished: 12.30 am