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Monday, May 24, 2004

MuLaI maLezz NgiSi PosT

I did plan on publishing at least one post each day. First two days were fine...the third day wasn't that way...next days:::hmm...how about, only by sending pictures//enough, rite??
heheh, what am i supposed to write then?
a minutes, then.

OK, let's see::important events:::
On thursday, i planned to go to sir lambretta regarding our old business. Supposedly, i went together w/ haryo [a tax bill sent to his account]. But he's not in home [only ammar n football-freaky friends o'his], so i checked lambretta's empire alone. Noone there, was it because of ascention day? It sure was, u dumb-ass. How could he open his door today?!?!?! well, í was just rolling on my luck...so i called haryo, told him to set another day [day after tomorrow, then] before going home.

Saturday::forgot too [or not keen on typing]
Sunday::hmmm, important events:::
Started to feel unwell [a virus from someone], played DDR n FF X-2 [100% cleared, got bonuses//Tidus showing up in Besaid Island after the usual until-the-day-we-meet-again ending, Celsius arrived with Yuna [unnatural looking smile]//they finally met each other, n u know the rest [live happily ever after]
wait...another event, showing up Zanarkand Ruins with the two lovers//blubbering//then Yunie pushed Tidus at the edge of the//hill??//then he fell on water//LAUGHING.
"IT ALL BEGAN WHEN I SAW THIS SPHERE OF YOU" ~The End~ hmm, so-so, wasn't it?

GaMMo RepoRT::drakengard [stupid hack'n slash game]::pokemon colloseum [nice graphic, but not spectacular]::others??not so interested.

SUNDAY night::
had a dinner, watched some kinda movies [nothing cool], then went sleeping:::boring night??nope, i was just glad that i could sleep well [this someone's virus's still stalking inside my head>>>dizzy]

Monday, NOW:: not so important, later then!!

1 KOmEn??

Blogger the mouse said...

huhuhuh.. aje maen mulu yee.. PRL lu gimaneee?? dah seleseee?? liat dong Jeeee..??!!!

btw btw.. kite same same sasuke yeee...!!! hidup Sasukeee!!!

6:12 pm


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