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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

2004 MTV EurOpEaN MusIc AwArdS WinnerZ

(at least, that's what I heard from Xzibit all the time)

Best Group: OutKast

Best Male: Usher
presented by Naomi Campbell

Best Female: Britney Spears
presented by Natasha Bedingfield n Linkin Park

Best UK n Ireland Act: Muse

Best New Act: Maroon 5
presented by Duran Duran

Best Alternative: Muse
presented by Brian Molko and Amy Lee from Evanescence

Best Album: Usher 'Confessions'
presented by Kylie Minogue

Best Rock: Linkin Park
presented by Paulo Di Canio

Best R n B: Alicia Keys
presented by Jamelia and N.E.R.D.

Best Pop: Black Eyed Peas
presented by Brian McFadden, Nick Carter n A-J

Best Song: OutKast 'Hey Ya'
presented by Sarah Michelle Gellar n that kinda funky opera singer

Best Hip-hop: D12

Best Video: OutKast 'Hey Ya'

Best Italian Act: Tizziano Ferro

Best Belgium n Dutch Act: Kane [I knew it]
presented by Barbara [MTV NL VJ]

What else, huh? O yeah, crap that Britney!!!!!!

FYI, if you wanna know the official websites of all the winners, just click their names