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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Disgaea PAL Version's Personal Overview

Laharl standing as the next Netherworld Overlord
Type: Strategy RPG
Released in Europe: May 2004
Story: 7
Laharl, an Overlord's son who never gets cold altho he doesn't wear shirt but is weak against big-tits mamas [OMG], wanna overrule the Netherworld but later got pissed off by interferences from Angel world n Human world, has a subordinate who loves his late dad, a cute angel trainee who was actually sent to kill this brat [i mean..Laharl] but later joins him, and so on and on [u know how Japanese story's like]. Well, the story is filled with a sense of humour. Inside, u'll find power rangers, penguin soldiers, a dragon who confesses that IT is a female, a comic story at each beginning of chapters but doesn't connect to the main story [laughable, tho] etc. really, don't get this game seriously if it's about the story, which is why I put 7 on it. But I like n enjoy it!!!
Graphics: 7
What can u say about FF Tactics for PSOne's visual several years ago? It's lovely, in its own time. Not now! The characters are drawn in 2-D while the envy is in 3-D but cannot be rotated as much as we want. The spell effects are not bad but a bit old for next-gen visual enhancement. Some of the skills are visualized over-the-top which pleasure our eyes. The battle field is rich with colors, especially when u open the secret arenas. One thing is for sure: The pixelization!!! It's not so good for this game. I dunno if it's because of PAL version or not, but really, the graphics will get us bored so soon. The artworks are, nonetheless, outstanding!
Sound: 6
No Japanese Language for PAL version!!!! whadda?!?!?!?! Some voices by US talents are terrible [when Laharl laughs, more like his throat is chopped by an axe or something...]. Sound effects....hmmmm, not that bad but not so special. It's a classic type of game, what's up with that anyway?
Gameplay: 9
This is what makes this game stand on the top 3 of my most favourite collection. Even since June I bought it, this is still one game that I've been playing most of the time [even if there's Burnout 3 or SSX 3 or Shadow Hearts]. U'll find the craziest strategy in this game. For instance: U can lift 9 comrades of yours on top of each other [imagine a tower of warriors] n then throw them to reach the unreachable place at the battle arena. Orr...u bribe the counsel in this game to make the enemies stronger or weaker, n if u fail on bribing, u can kill them if u want [if ur strong enough to beat the counsel]. Orrr... u lift one enemy n throw him to the other enemy n they will combine to be a harder enemy [bigger EXP!!]. Orrr.... u combine your comrades attack to surround and deal a higher damage to single enemy [up to 4 comrades for a special combo]. Orrr... raise your characters into 9999 levels n then transmigrate them over n over again to be the dream team [in this game, i can feel it reallllll]. Orrr.... bring 9 penguins n set them on a field, then throw one of them next to each other. They will explode n if there's the enemy near to them, he will suffer a high damage if ur penguins are strong. Orrr...heheheh, so much to tell you here, but no! Find it urself!!!
Replay Value: 10
The unlimited item world [each item, even the ugliest one, has a world inside it, it can be 30, 60 or 100 levels, regarding to its rarity] to level up ur item or to obtain legendary weapons n armors.
Different endings [even the secret Human World has its own ending [which will surely ends your game, instead of finishing the main story].
Characters levelling, different difficulties [if u request the counsel] etc etc. I give it an absolute 10!!!!!
Accomplishments [will take hundreds of hours]:
Must get all legendary ultimate weapons n armors for each characters, all characters at level 9999, obtain all monster n human classes as well as hidden characters, obtain all endings, pass all requests at the counsel for each character [more counters n movements], beat all the secret bosses at the strongest enemy request from the counsel by each character.