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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

BeTTer thAn eVer

Got mail from Jaap [business lecturer] that I don't need to attend his class cuze I've passed the test. So, I'm not one of those losers...hehehehe. Thus I got more time for group n myself on Monday.

Question for the group's concern:
can i handle the end-bidbook n powerpoint [also as a speaker in a major part] for presentation, plz?

Questions for individual's concern:
will i be able to take care of these problems n solve them on my own?
[HEY, this is a question for a newbie unlike you!!!! you should have other n better questions!!!!]

free transport
metro 53 from diemen-zuid to gaasperplaas; then take metro 50 to Zuid-WTC; take 51 afterwards, to Sacharovlaan. geen strippenkaaaaaaaartjes!!!! only 45 minutes [excluding walking to the stations].

o yeah, how's the pilpres going in Indo? gotta check kompas-online!!!