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Sunday, June 20, 2004

MiNggU SiBoEk Or GaRiEnK??

Hmmm...9 days without any updates. So what? Situation here didn't support me to blogging. Once a week's enough, did i say that? heheheheeh...[namanya juga orang mood2an, beginilah jadinya]

Many times i've blown off steam, just to make everything worse. Yeah, it's all about that 'one'. N til now, still in unstable condition.


School matters?
hmm, everything's fine. Final presentation's just finished last thursday. Group evaluation will due on next week. RESITS on July 7. [working on a project that was supposed to be done with 4-5 people//but only 3 people actually, was indeed exhausting].

Individual parts::
- End-Report Compiling n Editing
- Computer-Mediated Communication Specialization
- Interim Report, including Questionnaire Data Results, SWOT analysis, GAP analysis etc
- Group File Compiling n Editing
- Power Point [which 'd never been published --miscommunication, really--]
- etc [not worth typing here]

I only wish i could pass this project. Please, give a mercy for these 3 pathetic human beings....:P

PRLs n CSCs?

- 4 Specializations Assignments
- Oral Comm Result
- Pers. Development
- Placement Training [how could i get this ECTS?]
- Coaching Hours [digital portfolio]
- Vircon [ask Steven about ur grade for 2nd phase]

Settle up all above after that 'one' problem. OK?
The deadline is due on Thursday, 24th of June 2004.
hm hm hm...
Keep tracks with ur agenda, ur dead-or-alive source.
Hoping for better tomorrow.