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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

ProGrEzZ of LoGGing OuT

Hmm? what progress?? seems i'm still standing on the same ground. this can be bad, i think......
So let's see...:::::
Planning on moving to Gondel (a nice appartment) but with only 4 butts in one flat... I'll be tightening my belt (300 euro per month is 2 much for us), so...uhm, we'll need the fifth person. Daredemo inai kara neeeeee...? Muzukashi so na no!!!!!

Mevrouw Sardjoe called me today n wanted to come at sixteen-thirty.
"Hallo, ik ben mevrouw Sardjoe. Ik wil vandaag naar je huis komen op half-vier."

"Het spijt me, maar is het mogelijk als...als...if u come two days later? Op donderdag? Cuze we're busy with our school these days. Anyway, we're planning to move out before January."

"OK then we'll talk about all the problems on Thursday at the same time. Is that fine?"

"Sure, thanks!"


Then it's settled. The uber-mevrouw shall come and wreck us all!!!
Heheh....how about a new home??? a new living place?? hmmm, i guess it can be done by the end of this week...i suppose. How about your exam? your assignments? i think i've already done some major parts of it.

A LOT OF DOUBTFUL STATEMENTS U'VE SAID UP THERE!!! KOM, KOM...SIT, N THINK CAREFULLY. nyok nyok buat yg baca juga, kita tarik napas dalem2 sampe sesek, ditahan...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...eh kebanyakan yah (ntar anak orang bisa mampus nih XD) ya udah hembuskan keluar pelan2.

Those are not heavy at all. Remember that U have ur friends, u have ur family, u have ur time, n on top of all: U have urself. Those are things that u can guarantee to succeed and solve all of whatever-shits during your life. Don't runaway, since it makes anything worse. n buat yg beragama:: U HAVE UR GOD. paling puenting ya.hehehehehe...makanya sekarang mau solat di musholla.

See u!