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Saturday, October 30, 2004

PLeAsaNt DayS

Leisure Market's done!! The event took place on Thursday, October 28 2004 at the Wildenborch fishbowl room. N it all went well [enough crowd to make us busy]. We had our own stand next to the other two groups [only one desk, tho...small desk], had our own t-shirts n a nice flyer [I thought the one that I made was so-so, but everyone there said it's so cool....so I tried not to be big-headed].
Lecturers came as well, e.g. Mr.Zack [British one saying that our planned event was more real than any other group], Eleanore, Heinz [of course] n even Craig Whittaker!!! Well, he was my tutor when I was a Communication Management student, n now his wife will be my business lecturer for the next period.
The event started at sixteen hundred n ended at nineteen, officially. Pics'll be updated sooner, since I'm not keen on typing that much about it here.
O yeah, in case of you who don't understand what the Leisure Market is, let me tell u this:
  1. I am a Leisure Management student in Inholland University of Diemen, NL.
  2. Leisure is also called vrijetijds roughly meaning "having fun!!!", so my course here is to be....well, easily...event organizer, or the ones who manage big events including financial, sponsor, structure, target audience, promotion etc for certain people [depend on the target group].
  3. Period One for this course is to make a bid-book [a book covering plans of the next event] for promoting Zuid-Oost area of Amsterdam to be more popular by tourists or nederlanders. To make it possible, we are assigned to make a plan of the event there. It is not for real, yet, but it can be. Our class is divided into 2/3 groups [7 group members] n we compete each other to make our event real [only one bid-book will be chosen by the Zuid-Oost authority].
  4. After our bid-book is finished, we should hold a leisure market [a market promoting our bid-book n justify our plan for the event]. Each group has its own stand to promote [whatever u wanna make ur stand look like, it's up to you] to the people n lecturer, n after that they will decide who's the best.
  5. The one who wins will have the opportunity given by the government to make its own event held next year.

Do u get it? Or now u're getting more confused...[?] well, that's all I can explain, it's best for u to attend the market urself [free candies n cookies at some stands] which is unfortunately over.

Okey, after the event my classmates wanna have a fiesta, but i thought it's better for me to go home, instead. Buka Puasaaaaaahh!!!!!haha, cuman satu yg buka neh [mungkin ada yg laen, tp gak tau].