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Friday, August 13, 2004


..::OnE-MonTh RePorT::..
Okay, since nothing big happened lately, thus wasn't worth seeing here.
One thing that made me concern about was just my ID card. [where's that guy stealing my card? police, hellowww!!!!]
How the heck could i get that little ^%^$&*&%^%&&*%^thing inside my portemonee?!?!?!?!?!?
I just need to show that thingie to my boss n then i can work again. Hix...but it's terribly, nearly impossible to happen for now.
Only 4 people left in this a-bit-remote-compared-to-the-others' house. And it will be 3 remaining by the end of this month, since Ms. Vanessa van der Mametje will leave on Sunday, 15th of August this year [of course].
Hmmm...just went to Centrum, bought some lumpia, had a lunch at Mc.D, washed my eyes [HAHAHAHAHH, what a stupid idea just to reflect what indonesian people say: CUCI MATA in English!!! That's really embarassing...]
Raining now...sweet...and creepy...
Hey Hey, ATHENS 2004 Opening Ceremony!!! Neat!!! OK, better watching it than writing useless things here. Jya Ne!!!