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Sunday, July 11, 2004

oNe LasT ChANce oR U diE!!!

another weeks to wait til i finally grab my brain just to post something here. well, sorry then, i guess...

//let's see//
last post said settling up my plans, and my desired image::to be a can-cook-well-and-by-myself student, meaning--> a professional student (wow!such a harsh) who can manage things correctly and...and...hmm, u know.

current condition::messed up, heheh...which defines my current image: a person who doesn't even stand a chance to see what the world is really like. haha, now i've opened my trump card to anyone. But hey, still it's not that bad.

- Those f****n InD couldn't trace the impostor who took my id card at the Amstelveen foreign police--now has moved to Amsterdam-- n til now, no further result reported.

- resits are done, n wait for the grades. [cmc was difficult but fun//corporate was the easiest//n mass too//visual?actually, it's easy, but seeing such a bad-breathed-horrible-looking-face-perfectionist A*****e, things became worse]

- Duinrell--Kip sate, with sate broodje n kroepoek-- parttime>>supposed to be worth 35 euros per day. Not bad.

- Incasso businesses, still waiting. God, i really need it asap. o yeah, K***l hasn't paid his debt. When he will do that, i still have no idea. hmm...call his dad?

- Anggee's birthday yesterday, but celebrated today. Singstar? third place? nah, i won't be at home til wednesday. A gift, we forgot. Sorry nggee...

- Dead SEA mud-- NOW. such relaxing...

- EBay, EBay!! highest bidder, one. Overboden, one. Winner, two. Cheap thingies equal to longevity of waiting. YEAH!!

- Asia card//heheh//pengen nelpon, tp pas gak ada yg ngangkat...hix//ya sudah besok2 lagi...