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Friday, June 11, 2004

WeStWiJk's NachTMaRkT, Lil'Bro's B-Day!!!

Been a week, hasn't it [more...duh!]? Well, try to push myself writing this stuff of a blog, even just a bit. But i'm not kinda mood. So many other things to do, which u know what they're about.


Oral Exam? Wrote something in it...Too much of opinion's not good for your health. U should've taken more theories. What did Nik say to you, dumb-ass??!! If the result didn't go well, then u must prepare for something more terrible [resit??hueheh].

Group thingies? Getting an extension due to special occassion XD in your group doesn't mean that life can be better!! Yeah, u can say that it relaxes you a while. But please, morron, realize that you're standing at the edge of time!!!Better rush off, countdown's ticking!!! [but what Noelle n Nancy did when they 'fighting' in Dutch can be amusing. They both're funny when arguing]
1. ENDreport format should be changed [Definitions are first]
2. Interview report
3. Policy -- Noelle's part
4. Personal Reflective Report 3x
5. Data Analysis...[dull analysis]
6. Front Cover should be changed
7. Section pages -- just take IKEA pictures
8. Powerpoint Presentation

Hahah!!At last all will be finished in a week. Glad we all make it!! O yeah, Today's lil'bro's day!!
::AT WHICH AGE R U NOW?? 16th??
::GETTING OLDER, GETTING WORSE!!! heheh, kidding!!!
::Sorry I can't say it directly!!

THE SCANNER's in ERROR!!!!HELP!!!I'M really sorry Mom, I can't send it.
No cool movies, no cool games, no cool girls...:P

EL PRESENTAZIONE!!!!hoe gaat het??!!!

1 KOmEn??

Blogger bulan said...

inicomment ajah kok mesti pake password seh? eh oh iya... iku kowe nganggo kata2 bahasa apa sehh... planet mana, mas?

12:22 pm


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