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Friday, October 15, 2004

FLashBaCk [of GoiNg AbRoaD]

Japan, The Netherlands and Belgium. Three countries I've gone to. Each with different purposes. Well, backpacking to paris tomorrow has flashbacked my memories. So, why don't u type a few lines of them?

1] JAPAN [mid-June til mid-August 2001]
A country of ancient culture n high-end technology. Fabulous, breathtaking n wonderful. No more to say, besides feeling regret that I could only spend 2 months there. During that time, I went to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Hiroshima. Nara n Osaka were where I stayed each for a month respectively, n Kyoto n Hiroshima were where I witnessed by my own eyes a deep n engaging history of this beautiful country.

Lots'd happened there; good n bad things. Being a student of Ikejima Senior High School, Nara for a month was an unforgettable experience. As well as having four different host-families, having lectures in Japanese [world history, Ei-go, Calligraphy, tea ceremony, kompyuta etc] playing together with tomodachi n kazoku [hanabi, karaoke, clubbing, swimming, going to Universal City of Japan, museum, hundreds of beautiful temples, Hiroshima atomic bomb spot n mourning site, eating sushi as much as I wanted, Shinkansen de notta!!!! n lots...lots of things]. I'd not describe each of them cronologically here, since this is only a summary.

My thanx for:
Okuno Family [the first host-fam, my lecturer n one of those families who could understand me much!!!Toosan, Kaasan, Yuri-neechan, I never forget the last night that we had fun together!!!]

Nomiyama Family [Suguru-niichan had many cool friends n manga [same taste w/ me] n this fam'd given me a free ticket to go to the Universal City of Japan for one day!!!!COOLL!!!]

Umezawa Family [Though it's just a couple of days, but staying at your home was unforgettable. Watching Blood:the Last Vampire, going to Hiroshima n playing piano in front of all of you was exhilarating]

Iwasaki Family [My last n one of my dearest fams. I spent a lot of my time with Sachiko-mama [I never forget how I called you back there :)]to go to many beautiful places in this paradise [sorry that I made you worried 'that day'], watched Sen to Chihiro with all of you [exc.Daisuke-niichan], origamiing, lekkere dinner elkedag etc, til we said goodbye for each other at the Osaka train station a night before I left.

~THANX TO AFS FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE TO SEE THIS ANIMANGA N VIDGAME HAVEN [also AFS 3-Days Camp event with international students near the end of this trip!!!!]~

2] BELGIUM [January 2004]
This was an excursion to Brussels, the capital city of European Parliament; a study trip for communication students. And it was an obligation, so I had no chance on cancelling it [cuze then we had to pay the tickets n hostel by ourselves]. We departed on Wed the 21st n returned to A'dam on Sat the 24th.

But hey, this trip that I thought would be soooooo boring had turned out to be in reverse. It went well, better than I expected [with international students, of course]. It's a nice town IMHO; the streets there reminded me of my hometown in Indonesia. Wide, many cars, high buildings here n there, highroad, a bit messy but more exotic than A'dam in any ways. I felt like I was home.

Well, four days staying there was supposed to be a final acknowledgement of student's view about EU n its surroundings. But what I remembered, on top of all, a night after [...or, was it before?] the presentation of my group, I was playing Guilty Gear XX, House of the Dead etc at the Arcade Gaming Center!!! God, it'd been so long not to see these treasures [not in A'dam]. Lina, Dee, Bee, Dom, Silvi, Doreen were there too [instead of taking our times at the Irish pub, drinking with other guys]. Hahah, not much to say more than that. O yeah, FYI I visited: EU Parliament n other offices, Russian embassy [but not going inside :P], Chicken Cottage, Irish Pub, Arcade center, Shopping center etc. The point is: I visited almost all of main sites there. N kinda miss Brussels now. Do you?