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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

How about "Kick...its...ass"

Still half an hour before going to the student counsellor. Well, I have a problem regarding my study here. Grades, surely. Some assignments still have no result. I've contacted the Bureau, lecturers etc about this...I know it's already too late!!! But I got the letter from the Bureau just by the end of August, which made me sick thinking about what I should do!!!

I'm tired of solving problems like this. This is not the first time, actually. Last June, I still had no grade for 2nd phase Vircon [should've been published that time] and because of that, I've wasted my time emailing thousand times to Steven. I asked him why he didn't publish my grade on the board. why why why why why why...etc. And he didn't reply or say anything to me but finally in mid-July, I got it [worth 7 ECTS!!!]. This school is ridiculous...more than any school, I guess.

Geez, I don't know what to say. Will everything be better after consulting with the counsellor? I hope...

Hey hey, FMA 47th ep in suprnova!!!! Lust died, Sloth evaporated and other ridiculos things happening beyond my thinking...a gorgeous script. My life is messed up here, really...but excitement like this shouldn't get away, or else I'm dead. hehehehehehe......