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Monday, October 11, 2004

EvEniNg EvEnT

I forgot... really, I forgot... that today was the day when we had an evening event for the other group of our class. It's eleventh of October, right? Crap!! It's fortunate that I attended the group meeting so I could prepare a bit for the event.

Hmm..meeting? Well, a lot had happened during that time. Began at 11.30 inside fishbowl, we started to check each other's work. As u know, there are 8 of us: 4 Dutch, 2 Chinese, 1 German, 1 Indonesian...:P.

There were problems. Regarding individual contributions to the group. Some members had done much work for the bid-book, while others seemed as they didn't care about it. I'd like to address the passive members here, but it'd be rude by name. So, there were 3 members who seemed that they didn't submit their tasks to the group report on due date. One Dutch and two Chinese. The others:
- Ma: an archivist, responsible n had done much work for the bid-book [layout, structure, general concept of the Bijlmer event etc]
- AJ [me..:P]: responsible n had done his tasks for compiling the historical data of Bijlmer population, history n problems description, finding sponsors n reported the feedback from the companies [Coke n Heineken] n event promotion products.
- Es: responsible for marketing report of the event also for evening event, n many other thingies [many, really].
- Te: the head of our group, so he'd covered all of our missing parts, responsible for everything n also marketing analysis n evening event. He'd done his task, entirely.
- Je: responsible for keeping minutes, logbook n external documents used for searching n observation. He had done the task to plan extreme sports for the event n the sponsors etc.

I won't say much about this, so one main thing is that we've been struggling to keep our track in the right direction, as the deadline gets nearer. We almost had a personal...well, say it as 'hatred' due to some members who behaved such like idiots. Didn't try to say nothing, didn't justify what she's done etc. Moreover, tried to piss other members who had worked so hard for this group. N that was really a disgrace for a professional wannabe, IMHO.

After the meeting [don't wanna say more about it], we went to Heinz to talk about our progress, positive n negative aspects etc. He told that if we needed to kick out some members, then we should wait til Wednesday [the due date of final justification of those 3 slacking members]. After that, if they still didn't show their works, so... got your kick at their butts!!!!!

'Warm' situation for the group [others would think it hot].

And the evening event started.
We met at the central station at 16 hundred, n waited for the others to come. It took at least 15 minutes of waiting. Esther n Paris were still not there, so we decided to phone them that we would meet them at the Albert Kuyp Market. Others took Tram 16 to get there, while I went by biking with Je [a terrible cold weather while the sun was shining]. After meeting at the front of the market, we divided the group into two to make organizing easier.

Strolling...strolling...seeing such cute n cool cheap thingies was nice. But, personally it's a bit boring. Chinese were having a group of their own, while we, 5 Dutch, 1 Indonesian, 3 German, gathered together.

Next, we had a drink at the nearest café there. I didn't take any, since I wasn't thirsty [what? wasting such a couple of Euros for bullshitting in front of my pals by drinking?!?! Sorry, hoor.

Almost 6 o'clocks. I needed to go having a prayer right now, so...go praying!!!at home.

19 hundred it was, when I finally got my butt home. Relaxed a bit, dunched [supper'd be at 8 or 9 IMO], n have been onlining since 19 thirty til now..

Hmmm...looking forward to evening event tomorrow... [hope better than today].

[For Mr. Reeve]
Bye, Sir Hero, salute for your dedication for your country n fulfilling your fans' needs. U'll always be the real Superman.