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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Minutes//on//ReBo--til FiFteen//eiGht

one --went to school [11.00]
two --found a computer [12.00]
three --talked with mbak Shinta [12.15-14.00]
four --checked n replied e-mails [anonymous]
five --msn-ed w/ some pals [13.00 til recently]
six --did project assignments [all the time]
seven --bought nestea [before finding a computer, frankly]
eight --ate dried-beef cake [14.00 til recently]
nine --confirmed to go to Central w/ others [14.00]
ten --cancelled above confirmation [15.00]
eleven --waited for next meeting... [anonymous]
twelve --...by browsing [not the twelfth, actually].
thirteen--MAD!!!! [15.00-recently]

so, WTF?

2 KOmEn??

Blogger the mouse said...

amam et we te ef dot kom...

7:22 pm

Blogger anggie said...

loe knapa jay... another madness?? kan loe always gila mwahahaha... kapan jay kita kencan lagee?? katanya mo ngapel ke rumahku?

7:37 pm


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