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Monday, May 17, 2004

EnD of MonDay

Went home after finishing deadline was so...i don't know. [say it as 'cool' to fit]

Today could be said as the first day of Summer. It's a glorious day for Dutch people like me...hm? Being in a cold weather for a long time could change my mind, really [ok, now i'm really glad u're there a whole day long....my beloved SUN].
Went to Albert Heijn, Westwijk buying stomie needs [pizza, ice cream, drinks etc]with homemates then ate them together. Talked, joked n did stupid thingies...just to make this time one of those nice sweet days.
N now i'm here, typing such a [just//like//another//daily diaries], using Upiek's notebook [thx mbak!]. time's showing twenty-three//fifty-one now.

hope to sleep at twenty-four at least due to our plan for the next day earlier.
Deadline etc? think tomorrow!!