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Monday, May 17, 2004

A DeAdLinE on MonDay

How about making this blog as a diary?? Just like other blogs.

I'm just feeling right inside, better than any other previous dayz. Though this stomach's still calling for a day long [not hungry, but still feeling empty...heheh '0'!!!!] too, somehow this day will be something for me.
Well, for instance, regarding my home problems as well as school thingies, hm hm...

Came at school when summer just wanted to take part [dutch people just rushed out of school hunting sunshine...honestly it's indeed a nice weather]

Oral Communication class today was great...u know...Nik just explained something psychologically easy matters, gender differences in communicating each other [feminine language rules VS masculine language rules]. This subject rose some critics in class n thus noises, though there was only a few students. Innate fear [between fear of abandonment vs fear of falling, which one u fear most?] subject was also interesting. U know, fear that comes naturally since we're born, different with one that comes when we progress our life.. hmm, this blog can be used as lesson reminder as well, cool then.

THE DEADLINE FOR PLACEMENT PLAN is DUE AT FIVE!!!! guys, we know that [since i just got half of it at 30 minutes till the H-time]

Also, the bureau of my course explained that in order to pass to the third year, we should get at least 45 ects both in 1st n 2nd year. But for the placement, we should get 50 ects out of 60. Ain't it true?